Command-Tab Plus

An excellent replacement for standard application switcher from macOS

Command-Tab Plus - an alternative to the "standard" application switcher from macOS, which has a number of features that makes working with applications easier and You more productive.


UnDistracted for macOS

Will help you to focus and work productively

UnDistracted is a simple OS X app developed to help you stay concentrated on the task at hand. The utility has a set of settings that will eliminate distractionst and hat will make all the necessary adjustments without too much user interference.


Note-Ify Notes for macOS and iOS

Take notes. Free your mind

Note-Ify Notes is an easy and convenient application for taking and organizing Your notes, ideas, shopping lists, tasks, and different reference information. It features user-friendly and customizable interface. Note-ify Notes — universal notebook for all of your thoughts.

Note-Ify for macOSNote-Ify for iOS

TaskOnPaper - TaskPaper© Client for iOS 7-9

Manage Your Personal & Professional Tasks with Ease. App that provides you ease of managing your tasks, notes and projects too. TaskOnPaper enhances your productivity by allowing you to manage your tasks, projects and notes as you would have done on a physical paper.


Scan-Ify - Document Scanner and off-line text-recognizer (OCR)

Scan-Ify Document Scanner - is a simple application for fast scanning of short texts, documents or cheques without complicated settings and long-term training - just launch the app, take a photo and save as text or PDF


Recommended Tools

CleanMyMac 3

Mac Cleaning Software

If you have problems with our applications, we often recommend the complete removal of the application and reinstall from the Mac App Store and our site. For a full and proper removal of our applications, we recommend using a CleanMyMac 3*.

If you have any problems please ask for support at

* Important Note: CleanMyMac 3 can not guarantee problem-solving with our applications. CleanMyMac 3 helps in removing unnecessary files and programs, and speeds up your Mac.

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