DockView: Alternative to HyperDock

Alternative to HyperDock

Published a new application, an alternative to HyperDock

Many years ago, I used an application called HyperDock, but then problems started, HyperDock was not updated, the developer did not answer emails (this is also often written to me by my clients, and on the forums, I often see “HypperDock not working”) … Except, also, the standard Dock from Apple has several disadvantages (see ActiveDock) … Therefore, I decided to write an alternative to Apple Dock and partly an alternative to HypperDock. Now, this is my most popular application. But I often get emails from my clients who do not need a complete Apple Dock replacement, they want to use the ActiveDock capabilities with the Apple Dock … I thought: why not? I Can Do It …

DockView – Window Previews for macOS Dock, HyperDock Alternative