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Plus AI

Your AI text assistant

Write efficiently with Plus!
This AI assistant will free you from routine,
speeding up the creation of emails, presentations, and other texts.

Please note: Plus AI requires you to have your own OpenAI API key to operate.

Requires macOS 13.0 or later.

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Plus AI Features

Magic at your fingertips!

Dive into the world of artificial intelligence with a unique hotkey! Plus isn’t just an assistant; it’s your faithful companion in the digital realm. Highlight any text, press Option-Space, and feel the power of AI coming to your aid.

Perfect your writing!

Unsure about the quality of your text? No worries! Plus will transform it into a masterpiece, checking every comma and enhancing every sentence. Give it a chance, and it will make your text flawless.

Fast, easy, and straightforward!

Don’t waste time on lengthy and complicated texts. Plus will gladly summarize them, clarify complex points, or translate them into your desired language.

Personalize your experience!

You can create your own prompts! Want a translation to a specific language or to craft poems from your texts? Plus is always there to make your life simpler and brighter!

Your AI text assistant

Use in any app

Summarize content

Chat with PDF

Translate content


Please note: Plus AI requires you to have your own OpenAI API key to operate.

The ChatGPT Plus subscription is separate and managed by OpenAI, it does not provide an API key that you can use with Plus AI.

Please visit OpenAI’s website for more details on how to obtain an API key.

Your API Key is securely stored on your device, never shared elsewhere.

Expect potential usage instability during peak demand times with free OpenAI API key.

Requires macOS 13.0 or later

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