DeskCover Pro (FREE)

Increase Productivity, Make your Desktop less distracting

DeskCover is a simple Mac application that allows you to hide
the mess on your desktop with a single mouse click or by pressing a global hotkey.
DeskCover also allows you to focus on your current task by highlighting the window
of the currently active applicationand automatically dimming those of inactive ones.

Beautiful alternative to Isolator, Hazeover and other


Cover your messy desktop

Hides items on your desktop behind a beautiful picture cover,
system wallpaper or solid color

You can also adjust background transparency settings

Highlights the active window

… and help you focus on the task at hand

DeskCover automatically highlights the current working window
and darkens all the others in the background

Isolate multiple Windows

Additionally, the DeskCover Pro app also features an “Isolate multiple Windows” mode
which enables you to keep between two and five windows isolated for keeping your work area as free of distractions as possible.

Sergiu Gatlan (Softpedia editor)


Use the color, system wallpaper or your own picture as a cover
that will hide the desktop or isolate the active window.
You can also adjust background transparency settings.

DeskCover Pro

Make your desktop less distracting