Excellent use-case from an ActiveDock 2 user

I received a letter from my client, he is very pleased with ActiveDock 2, I published it on the ActiveDock 2 page and present it here in full (no editing or cutting)  with my comments and answers.

Will do. See below. OK mix of praise and improvement? John Big Fan of Active Dock 2. Here's why. As far as I can tell, it's the only OS X dock app that meets my specific use case. As a best practice, having the dock on the vertical edge (left or right) makes the most sense as it takes away almost no useable resolution. I am right-handed so I like the dock on the left side. It's also under the Apple logo for convenience. (Note: It takes a few days to get used to it, but then it's worth it.) Now, when I use two monitors, the "second" one is to my left. Unfortunately, the native OS X dock does not give me the choice of which screen I want the dock to appear. It just puts it on the second monitor, left hand side. Enter Active Dock 2. The app has more precision on the screen where it appears. So, I can put the AD2 dock on the left side of my main monitor and have the native doc on the left side of the second monitor. Now, you can't be a power user without some improvement suggestions. There's a biggie and a little one.
  • Big improvement: Can AD2 have a setting that allows the user to choose "mirror OS X dock" in terms of elements shown? So, I take the time to set the native doc the way I want, then AD2 just copies that. (Even if that was just at install, it would help.)
  • Little one. Haptic delay. When I click on AD2 app icon, there's a slight delay between the click and the desired action. This delay does not occur on the native dock.
All in all, AD2 works as advertised and covers my use case almost perfectly.

From my comments

  • first of all thank you very much for
  • ActiveDock 2 supports working with multiple monitors, on each monitor you can have an ActiveDock, in a future version there will be more variations of working with multiple monitors
  • For improvements and minor
    • ActiveDock 2 was built on outdated technologies, etc. contains some bugs that are difficult to reproduce and fix, so I’m starting to actively rewrite everything to new ones. This will make it more responsive, convenient and beautiful, just look at the application that I made in just a couple of days https://noteifyapp.com/quick-tab/
    • There will be import from the Apple Dock, but I think it’s already in version 3, but maybe I’ll do it in the current one.
    • Haptic delay: will definitely be in version 3


In fact, this is where active work on version 3 begins and I am looking for beta testers, if you want to take part in beta testing – contact me