Quick Exposé: Streamline Your macOS Experience with Advanced Mission Control and App Exposé Integration

Problem: Searching and navigating between windows in macOS can sometimes be frustrating, especially when you have many open windows and apps. Using Mission Control (four-finger swipe up), you see the windows of all the apps, making it difficult to quickly select and find what you want. But using App Exposé (four-finger swipe down) and viewing the windows of only one active app requires you to activate it beforehand, either by clicking the icon in the Dock or using Command+Tab.

The solution: Quick Exposé simplifies the process. Simply hover over an application icon in the Dock and you can instantly see all of its windows using App Exposé, bypassing the extra steps. Quick Exposé makes finding and navigating between windows even easier.

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Requirement: macOS 10.13 or later.
Universal build for Apple Silicon (M1) and Intel

Latest updates October, 25, 2023

Advantages of Quick Exposé:

  1. Enhanced Navigation: Quick Exposé simplifies the process of switching and navigating between windows in macOS.

  2. Fast Access to App Windows: Hovering over an app’s icon in the Dock instantly displays all its windows.

  3. Time-Saving: By bypassing additional steps such as activating the app or using other key combinations, you transition to the desired window faster.

  4. Intuitive Usage: No need for prior app activation or other intricate actions to view windows.

  5. More Efficient Window Search: Enables easy identification and selection of the necessary windows among many open applications.

  6. Improved Interface Interaction: With its integration into the Dock and App Exposé, users can effortlessly and swiftly toggle between windows and apps.

Quick Expose Settings
Quick Expose Settings Window

What’s new

October 25, 2023

– fixed the problem of clicking on the Downloads folder and others
– added parameter “Activate/Hide by click” which adds behavior similar to MS Windows (Click a Dock icon to activate or hide an app, similar to MS Windows’ Taskbar behavior)