Tab Finder

A list of all your open tabs across all browser windows in one place.

Use a keyboard shortcut to find and switch to the right tab.

Keep finding yourself with 294584+ tabs open at any given time? Us too. Finding that tab you opened an hour ago or kept from last week may seem next to impossible in this mess, but Tab Finder is here to help you. No matter how many browser windows and tabs you got running, it compiles a handy list of your tabs for easy browsing.

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All tabs in one list

Tab Finder is an app for busy people who’ve got no time to lose. Looking for that one article you opened the other day when searching for that one thing can be daunting and time-consuming. Get all your open tabs from multiple browser windows as a single list and find exactly what you need in no time!

Multiple browser support

And when we say, all your tabs are generated into a single list in Tab Finder, we mean all of them. The app works with Safari, Chrome, Brave, and Opera, and aggregates all the tabs you have open in each of these into a list. So no matter how many balls you got in the air, you now can be sure to catch them all.

Dark mode

Tab Finder will fit any visual layout on your desktop with its flexible dark and light theme options. Choose to set the theme automatically or manually select light or dark mode for the app according to your preference.

!!! Please note that Tab Finder currently does not support Firefox.
Support for this browser will be added in future versions if possible.!!!