We create useful Mac Apps and Utilities for Customizing the Mac Desktop, Improve Concentration and Productivity


ActiveDock 2

Customizable Dock for macOS, Launchpad/Dock Bar Replacement

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Stage View App Icon

Stage View

Stage View is a utility that adds a preview of the windows in the group in Stage Manager

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DockView is a utility that adds a preview of the windows of the selected application in the macOS Dock.

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Command-Tab Plus 2

Keyboard-centric Application and Window Switcher

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MultiDock: DragThing Alternative


Organize your favorite folders, files and apps with multiple Dock’s

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Tab Finder

A list of all your open tabs across all browser windows in one place.

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KeepNotes: Google Keep Client for Mac

KeepNotes for Google Keep

Mac Client for Google Keep


Plus AI: Your AI text assistant

Write efficiently with Plus! This AI assistant will free you from routine, speeding up the creation of emails, presentations, and other texts.

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Quick Exposé

A New Way to Use Mission Control and App Exposé

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WindowSwitcher: Powerful Window Switcher, Compiz Fusion for Mac

3D WindowSwitcher

Powerful Mac Desktop Window Switcher and Window Manager

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MaxSnap Window Manager


Powerful Window Manager for Mac

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DeskCover App: Make your desktop less distracting

DeskCover Pro (FREE)

Make your desktop less distracting

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LaunchPanel Free App Launcher

LaunchPanel (FREE)

Quick launch of applications and access to your files

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Below are the free apps and apps that will soon be free, I recommend you wait with the purchase


UnDistracted - Distraction Dimmer for Mac


Improve Your Concentration and Helps Overcome Procrastination

will be free soon

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