Next Generation of TaskPaper for iOS7-iOS11

TaskOnPaper – The Best Ideas Start On Paper

Enter your tasks, projects and notes as simple as “on paper”.
TaskOnPaper is a powerful and at the same time an intuitive tool for creating to-do lists.
Enter your plans and goals, group them into projects and edit them as easily as on paper.

Due to the simplicity and ease of use TaskOnPaper will increase your productivity to new heights!


* Next Generation of TaskPaper for iOS 7 and iOS 8
* Full compatibility with TaskPaper for Mac by hogbaysoftware.com
* Passcode protection in start-up screen
* Sync across devices with DROPBOX – plain text format which can be edited in any text editor
* Paper-like user experience
* Clean distraction free interface
* Outlining, trees, sub-folders, sub-notes, sub-tasks
* Fully customizable appearance of the application: fonts, size, colors, backgrounds
* Fully compatible with iOS 7 and iOS 8
* TextExpander Touch Support
* Sending by email, print, AirDrop, AirPrint
* Powerful search with advanced query language, flexibility of management.


## Quick Start
– To create an item tap the plus button
– To create a project – make a colon at the end of the line
– To create a task – start a line with a hyphen
– To change the item type (Project, Task, or Note) on a blank line, tap the Return key to cycle through your choices.
– To edit an existing item double tap on the item’s text.
– To tag an item type ‘@’ followed by the tag name anywhere in an item’s text.
– To indent an item tap the space key when the cursor is at the start of the item’s text.
– To unindent an item tap the delete key when the cursor is at the start of the item’s text.
– To create outlines – To indent an item tap the space key when the cursor is at the start of an item’s text or (iPad only) tap the Tab key on the extended keyboard row.
## Completing tasks
– To cross out an item swipe left to right to apply the @done tag.
– To delete an item and its subitems, swipe right to left across the item and then tap the Cut button.
– To delete an item without deleting its subitems, begin editing the item and delete the entire line of text.
-To move @done items to the ‘Archive’ project, tap the document title in the toolbar and choose ‘Archive Done’.

“… TaskOnPaper app lets you enter tasks, projects, and notes just like you would on physical paper. As a continuation of the popular TaskPaper, this app provides an easy way for you to stay productive”

Sandy Stachowiak, AppAdvice

“TaskOnPaper revolutionizes
how to write fast in our device, combining notes, reminders, and .txt documents in a single application.”

Lorenzo D’Antò, iOS 8 Italia

TaskOnPaper App that provides you ease of managing your tasks, notes and projects too. TaskOnPaper enhances your productivity by allowing you to manage your tasks, projects and notes as you would have done on a physical paper.