Return to OmniFocus: Moving on from Things and Why It’s Better for GTD

Yesterday, after about two years, I went back to using OmniFocus again. I’ll write a post in a couple of days, I think.

As everyone knows, I gave up using Things a long time ago and I don’t miss the opportunity to express my dissatisfaction with this application, because I consider its use for GTD and other tasks suboptimal. It’s not for nothing that people write articles and books about how difficult it is to adapt Things to GTD.

For a very long time I used the standard reminders with many lists, but in the end it turned out to be inconvenient. One day I created a list with subtasks and realized it was convenient to see all tasks according to contexts/areas. Example below. However, I was missing projects and other features. As it turned out, OmniFocus allows you to implement something like this and even more so very quickly and conveniently.

The “Reminders” had the following:

– mop the floor
– shower
– work task
– another work task
– bread
– cigarettes

It’s not quite GTD, but it’s certainly better than in Things.”