Quick Exposé: Improved window management with Mission Control on macOS

Quick Exposé Icon

Introducing Quick Exposé, a new app designed to simplify your work with Mission Control on macOS. It offers intuitive interaction with open windows and folders right from the Dock.

The main advantage of Quick Exposé is that now, to view windows or open folders (stacks) in the Dock, you can simply hover over the application icon. This will make managing apps on macOS even easier and faster.

Quick Exposé utilises the built-in features of macOS, providing excellent performance and compatibility with your system. While the app is somewhat similar to DockView, its new navigation method will allow you to use your Mac more efficiently.

I originally planned to call the app Dock Plus, but decided that Quick Exposé better reflected its main purpose of providing a quick preview of windows and easy folder navigation.

Quick Exposé makes switching between tasks easier, helping you work faster. Whether you’re working with documents, internet browsing, or multimedia applications, Quick Exposé will enhance your macOS experience.

I believe Quick Exposé will be useful for both new and experienced macOS users. Expect the app to be released soon and get ready for a new experience using your Mac.

I hope this improved description captures the essence of your app and attracts the attention of users.


Quick Exposé: A New Way to Use Mission Control and App Exposé on macOS