Holiday Inspiration and Innovation: Introducing Our New App!


Quick Tab "Quick App Switcher

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year . I everyone the best and the achievement of all goals and the realization of all dreams . This year has been challenging, and it was very hard to gather the strength to work on new applications and update the existing ones.

For several reasons, I didn’t send out a newsletter about the New Year’s sale but I made a banner on the website. The New Year’s sale is still available for a few more hours at this link..

Last year was tough and restless… But this year, I’ve gathered my willpower and am actively working. Most of my ideas and applications are born thanks to you, during the requests for new features or the development of new versions of my applications.

Now, I want to introduce you to the beta of a new application (Quick Tab), which was born during the development of new versions of immediately 4 of my applications… I think it might be useful for you (and might even replace some of my or other applications) 😉

As you know, I’m constantly looking for ways to optimize work on macOS, and the biggest problem is still how to deal with a bunch of applications, how to find the right one, and quickly switch… I present to you Quick Tab. You can take a brief look at it on the website and also subscribe to the newsletter via this link.

ChatGPTP.S.: How to use the application? Simply launch it, and press Option (alt) + Tab, then press 1-9 for quick selection of the desired application…

P.S.2: Perhaps I’ve added too much, this application (like all others) should be as simple as possible… Please write to me what I can remove in the application.